Sustainable Success Recipes: Innovative Chemicals Enable Eco-Friendly Solutions

Consumers increasingly demand sustainable products, pushing manufacturers to meet these expectations. The chemical sector, a diverse supplier industry, faces significant challenges. The WeylChem Group of Companies aims to address these challenges actively.

Sustainable Solutions in Cosmetics

WeylChem has introduced a range of sustainable innovations, particularly in the cosmetics sector with SENSATIS®. This biobased product enhances sun protection technology. For example, a sunscreen formulation using organic UV filters nearly doubled its in vitro SPF to 34.5 with SENSATIS®. This oil-free composition provides exemplary skin moisture retention due to the film-forming effect of 1,3-Polypropanediol.

The cosmetics market increasingly demands inorganic solutions. Until recently, effective sunscreens with oil-free systems were unthinkable. New formulations with SENSATIS® now enable effective, easily spreadable inorganic sunscreen systems, resulting in better sun protection without oily residues.

A significant advantage of this technology is its 100% biobased nature, relying solely on sustainable resources. The combination of water-dispersible titanium dioxide for UVB protection, supplemented with a small amount of UVA-absorbing titanium dioxide, achieves a critical wavelength of 372.8nm. This ensures active protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Similar systems utilizing zinc oxide have also been developed.

Why SENSATIS® is a Game-Changer

SENSATIS® excels in sustainability and performance. Cosmetic formulations with SENSATIS® exhibit enhanced stability, better skin feel, and superior protection compared to conventional products. Its innovative nature makes it valuable for brands looking to differentiate in a competitive market.

Moreover, SENSATIS® supports the trend towards clean beauty—products free from harmful chemicals and environmentally damaging ingredients. Integrating SENSATIS® allows cosmetic brands to align with consumer values of health, wellness, and environmental responsibility.

Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

The WeylChem Group is dedicated to eco-friendly solutions, constantly developing sustainable, biobased products for emerging markets. Their goal is to contribute to a sustainable future by designing safe, reliable, and environmentally conscious products.

WeylChem’s commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous development of products like SENSATIS®. This dedication meets current market needs and anticipates future trends and challenges. By focusing on sustainable innovation, WeylChem positions itself as a leader in the chemical industry, setting new standards for environmental responsibility and product performance.

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