Lipoid Kosmetik uncorks Herbasol Plant Water range

Lipoid Kosmetik has taken the wraps off the Herbasol Plant Water product range, a selection of plant waters optimized for cosmetic use.

Plant waters, also known as hydrolates, are produced through a process called steam distillation.

This method extracts the water-soluble compounds from the plant material, resulting in a condensed liquid encapsulating its pure essence.

The Swiss maker says the product line embodies the full power of plant ingredients (100% natural, high proportion of plant component, short INCI), and combines that with a transparent, odourless appearance that is easy to incorporate in a variety of cosmetic formulations.

Lactobacillus ferment is used for natural preservation.

A Lipoid Kosmetik spokeswoman said: “Our Herbasol Plant Water products perfectly fit the following claims and concepts: natural, clean and pure beauty; they convey a sense of freshness & moisturization; and fermentation metabolites allow fermented, postbiotic skin care claims.”

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