Lucas Meyer Cosmetics unveils Corneopeptyl biomimetic peptide

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics has taken the wraps off Corneopeptyl, a patented biomimetic peptide empowering the natural skin barrier function.

By mimicking the LCE6A protein activity, it strengthens the corneocyte envelope enhancing the epidermal barrier by decreasing permeability, water loss and inflammation.

Rebuilding the skin barrier consequently future-proofs the skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin tonicity, smoothness, and hydration.

Supported by nine clinical studies and tested at 1% on an inclusive panel with sensitive skin, Corneopeptyl reduces skin penetration, water loss and inflammation, confirming the improvement of the skin barrier function in seven days.

Corneopeptyl minimizes the appearance of wrinkles around the eye area in 14 days and increases skin hydration, tonicity, and smoothness in 28 days.

The AI-proven rejuvenating effect of up to four years younger was also demonstrated using real-life results from clinical volunteers combined with a patented algorithm based on eight key skin parameters.

The ingredient has an NOC of 99.99% (ISO 16128) and is readily biodegradable and aquatic ecosystem-friendly.

The optimized peptide synthesis process follows the green chemistry principles: no CMR solvent and reagent, fewer solvents and amino acids consumed, isolation step in water, and reduction of waste and energy compared to traditional synthesis.

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