Biomimetic lipid with skin repair effects

Tapping its J-Beauty expertise, Kao Chemicals Europe unveils a cholesteryl ester with a skin biomimetic structure and a low melting point, and with moisturizing and repairing properties

Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in beauty secrets and regimens from around the world due to curiosity about how people from other cultures attain and maintain their beauty. The demand for global beauty brands has grown as a result of globalization and increased interest in foreign travel and culture, with the ‘Made In’ stamp now carrying more meaning than ever before. 

Thus, the beauty industry is developing brands inspired in each culture for internal consumption while also exporting them globally, with the Japanese beauty industry being one of the stars within this enterprise. Beauty products from Japan have usually been associated with efficacy, high quality and benefit-led features. They are characterized by the simplicity and minimalism of Japanese rituals, powered by extensive research and development. 

At Kao Chemicals Europe, moved by our insider knowledge of the Japanese beauty industry, and following our strive for wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally while seeking to contribute to the sustainability of society, we wanted to convey the J‑Beauty trend to Western lifestyle, offering preventive solutions based on innovative developments and highquality products with long-term reliability. 

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