Cosphatec launches Cosphaderm Hexiol natural diol

German cosmetic ingredient maker Cosphatec has taken the wraps off Cosphaderm Hexiol, a natural diol.

COSMOS- and NATRUE-compliant Cosphaderm Hexiol acts as a natural multifunctional and, thanks to its pH-value independence, offers a wide range of applications in skin and hair care.

Cosphaderm Hexiol natural is a pure, transparent, colourless and odourless diol of natural origin.

Two vicinal OH-groups and a short carbon chain allow unlimited water-solubility. This property is strongly relevant to its most common cosmetic use as a moisturizer and humectant for both skin and hair care formulations.

Static light scattering experiments have shown that Cosphaderm Hexiol natural can also be used to stabilize o/w emulsions by droplet size reduction.

Another property of Cosphaderm Hexiol natural is its pH-independent antimicrobial activity. It further shows remarkable synergistic effects in combination with other antimicrobial substances, making it possible to minimize the total amount of combined preserving agents.

In a related development, Cosphatec has launched the Cosphaderm GS Connect natural emulsifier.

Cosphaderm GS Connect is a natural, COSMOS- and NATRUE-approved anionic O/W emulsifier that is ideal for creating stable and sustainable emulsions.

With the new natural emulsifier, Cosphatec now offers another emulsifier that enables versatile textures such as creams, sprays, lotions and butters, providing a smooth and soft skin feel.

In addition, the solid flake form of Cosphaderm GS Connect enables easy and dust-free processing.

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