Ichimaru Pharcos unleashes anti-ageing HyaluGuard

Ichimaru Pharcos has launched HyaluGuard to inhibit HYBID (hyaluronan binding protein involved in hyaluronan depolymerization), which is correlated with skin sagging and wrinkle depth.

The Japanese company searched for a material that inhibits the expression of HYBID in fibroblasts and found that an extract of Artemisia capillaris flowers had this effect.

HyaluGuard inhibits the degradation of hyaluronic acid (HA) in fibroblasts and works to reduce skin sagging and wrinkle.

Past study shows that a small amount of skin HA is correlated with skin sagging index and wrinkle depth.

Unfortunately, the amount of HA decreases with aging. It is known that HA loss is caused by hyaluronidase HYAL1/2.

Recent studies revealed, in the dermis, HA is mainly degraded by HYBID, the novel HA cleavage enzyme.

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