Seppic hosts Beauty Party at in-cosmetics Global

Visitors to the in-cosmetics Global trade show in Barcelona this week are invited to discover Seppic’s Beauty Party formulations at stand F40.

The formulations will be presented as a music festival inspired by six musical genres: classical, rock, reggae, reggaeton, pop-electro, and rap.

They include Rock Your Mask, inspired by rock music, which nods to the makeup of a famous music band. This black creamy purifying mask comes in an original stick form.

This formula contains Montanov 202, a glucolipidic emulsifier, which texturizes and stabilizes the oil phase while helping to cleanse upon rinsing.

The bio-sourced emollient Emogreen L19 provides a fresh feel and facilitates spreading with a soft finish. Micro Algue 80 adds a gentle exfoliating effect to this mask, and Antileukine 6, an oily active ingredient, soothes, strengthens, and protects the skin.

My Hips Don’t Lie is a body cream formulation, a tribute to the warm rhythms of reggaeton, which nourishes and moisturizes the skin during massage.

As well as Montanov 202, it contains Emogreen L19, polymers Sepilife G305 (new hydride polymer with high naturalness - in-cosmetics Global 2023 launch) and Solagum AX.

It also contains actives Lumipod, a leucine-based lipoamino acid that activates tanning, Kalpariane, an oily and firming active ingredient derived from brown algae, and Aquaxyl, a patented sugar complex moisturizer.

A third formulation, Symphonic Feelings, is a face cream inspired by classical music designed to be a real sensory symphony.

A study highlighted and characterized the precise sensory expression of each excipient in the formula, which contains Sepibliss Feel, a soothing natural oil from coriander seeds dedicated to well-being (in-cosmetics Global 2023 launch), and Ceramosides HP, which protects the skin from loss of elasticity.

Sepimax Zen adds thickness to the cream, and the pairing of Montanov 202 and Solagum AX gives slipperiness during spreading. Emogreen HP 40 gives creaminess and leaves a film on the skin.

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