Programme finalised for 8th Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference in London

The programme for the 8th Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference in London next month has been finalised by organiser Summit Events.

The theme for this year's event, which takes place on 29-30 November at the Royal College of Physicians, is ‘Skin Health and Ageing Across Life Stages’.

The conference is split into four main sessions: ‘The Science of Skin Ageing Across Life Stages’; ‘New Concepts and Technology Approaches in Functional Skincare’; ‘Consumer Trends, Advertising and Claims’; and ‘Assessing the Benefits of Anti-Ageing Skincare’.

Keynote presentations include ‘What does the future hold for the science and technology of aging?’ by Unilever global vice president for beauty and personal care R&D Dr Samantha Samaras.

Other keynote addresses include ‘Ageing, so what?’ by Procter & Gamble’s Professor Paul Matts and ‘Skin Microbiome and Ageing’ by Unilever senior R&D manager Dr Michael Hoptroff.

“The conference will provide delegates with a deeper understanding of skin health and ageing research from the moment first signs of visible skin ageing appear in the late 20s,” said Summit Events head of operations Kairen Lewis.

“We'll focus on ageing of healthy skin across life stages and highlight the fact that our skin starts ageing from birth with ever-changing needs,” she added.

“Across the conference, we will hear from invited world-renowned experts to challenge how much we really know about what is important in healthy skin ageing in different life stages. There will be an expert open forum and opportunities for discussion throughout the event.”

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