COVER STORY: Making formulations more natural with Natrathix

Manufacturers of skin care products have long struggled to replace traditional synthetic ingredients. Synthetic rheology modifiers such as carbomer have traditionally been used to thicken and stabilize skin care emulsions efficiently with appealing aesthetics, while natural rheology modifiers typically have poor aesthetics, making it difficult to create the natural, sustainable formulations consumers want.

Natrathix™ Bio offers a solution to skin care manufacturers, enabling them to improve the naturality and sustainability of their formulations while creating a variety of appealing textures and meeting their corporate sustainability goals. Natrathix Bio cellulose is a nature-derived, readily biodegradable, non-GMO, COSMOSvalidated thickener with suspension capabilities that maintains emulsion stability of skin and sun care formulations, offering an alternative to nonbiodegradable carbomer

Developed through market leading expertise in sustainably sourced cellulosics and rheology, Natrathix Bio enables the creation of more natural skin care creams, lotions and clear gels, including organic and inorganic sunscreen formulations, with the texture, skin feel and sustainability that consumers demand. Vegan-suitable, globally compliant Natrathix Bio is a versatile thickener that is electrolyte and minerals tolerant, effective across a wide pH range, cold processible and does not require neutralization. 

Effective thickening

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