Buchi Labortechnik unleashes Mini Spray Dryer S-300

Swiss outfit Buchi Labortechnik has launched Mini Spray Dryer S-300, a new generation of spray drying systems.

Claimed to offer markedly improve performance, the latest instrument combines novel automation capabilities and innovative system design for efficiency, reproducibility and safety during the spray drying process.

“Spray drying can be tedious and difficult to optimize or reproduce, as many parameters are not accessible to users,” said Marco Meuri, business area manager at Buchi Labortechnik.

“The new Mini Spray Dryer S-300 enables you to monitor, control and automate your process like never before so you can obtain reproducible powders with minimal effort,” he added.

“All parameters, such as spray gas, drying gas and pump speed are automatically regulated by the system. The instrument also monitors both outlet and newly the product temperature for ultimate protection of heat-sensitive samples.”

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