Lubrizol lathers up More-Than-A-Conditioning Shampoo

Lubrizol Life Science has created More-Than-A-Conditioning Shampoo, a one-step routine claimed to produce a soft, smooth, manageable hair that replaces multiple products while delivering desired results.

The US company says More-Than-A-Conditioning Shampoo not only cleans and moisturizes hair, it aligns hair fibres, providing volume and frizz control, while also delivering long-lasting shape control and styling definition.

“It is uniquely formulated to perform multiple tasks exceptionally well on any hair type: straight, curly and afro-textured, natural or chemically transformed,” said Lubrizol.

“It gently cleanses, moisturises, smooths and softens, leaving hair manageable and beautiful,” it added.

“The multiple benefits are made possible by the synergies of three Merquat conditioning polymers: Merquat 2003PR polymer, which provides excellent dry conditioning with colour and thermal protection; Merquat 295PR polymer, which provides excellent wet conditioning and colour protection; and Merquat 3330PR polymer, which boosts foam and delivers thermal protection.”

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