Sustainable bark extract illuminates your true self

Borēaline Aurora extract from the bark of the white pine tree is a new, sustainable and clinically tested active capable of improving skin complexion and luminosity through diverse complementary mechanisms, according to IFF and Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

ABSTRACT From tree skin to human skin, Borēaline®Aurora extract transfers protective bioactive molecules that target multiple parameters responsible for skin complexion and luminosity. The clinical efficacy of Borēaline Aurora extract was demonstrated on an Asian panel. The extract rapidly improves facial skin translucency and clarity and reduces the appearance of dark spots for better skin homogeneity. By upcycling the bioactive molecules contained in bark before it is burned or compost, Borēaline Aurora extract maximises the white pine bark eco-valorisation, thus improving wood circular economy for a healthier planet.

Skin appearance is a good general indicator of health and beauty. However, even for a healthy person, the passage of time and environmental aggressions may alter the aspect of skin in ways that make them look tired, older and less attractive. Major changes affecting the skin with age include pigmentation irregularities, uneven skin tone, dull skin, sagging and wrinkles. Although similar skin changes occur in different ethnic populations, their age of occurrence and severity differ.1 For instance, wrinkles and sagging occur at a younger age in Caucasians compared to Asians, while pigmentation irregularities, uneven skin tone and yellowness are early signs of ageing in Asians.2 Moreover, among the Chinese population, faces are perceived as being younger and more attractive following improvement of skin pigmentation irregularities, uneven tone and decreased yellowness.1

Achieving and keeping a perfect healthy skin is a constant challenge. The perfect skin should have a regular texture, no marks and a luminous and even complexion. The battle starts early. According to the market research firm Mintel, 40% of Chinese women aged 25-29 are engaged in a daily battle against dark spots. In Thailand 44%  of women purchased products to address skin dullness in 2019. Skin yellowness is also a major concern among northeastern Asians. Therefore, there is a need for ingredients addressing skin complexion in a way that improves skin clarity, luminosity, translucency and evenness of tone. Borēaline® Aurora extract is a new, sustainable and clinically tested active capable of improving skin complexion and luminosity through diverse complementary mechanisms

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