Reishi offers hair health and growth efficacy

Ricera reveal the hair care benefits of Reishi, also known as ‘the mushroom of immortality’.

Ganoderma lucidum (Fr.) Karst (G. lucidum) is an oriental fungus belonging to the Ganodermaceae family from Polyporales. Also known as Reishi or Lingzhi in Japan and China, G. lucidum can be found in nature as a saprophyte or facultative parasite growing on the dead wood of deciduous species, in high humidity habitats of subtropical and temperate zones of Asia, Europe and North and South America.

Already classified 2400 years ago by the herbalist Shen Nong from the Shu Dynasty as the “superior herb”, G. lucidum is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine as an immune stimulant for promoting health, and for the prevention or the treatment of numerous diseases, such as bronchitis, chronic hepatitis, nephritis and high blood pressure.1

Among the over 2000 classes of Reishi known to date, Shen Nong classified six different types of Ganoderma: red, purple, green, black and white. The red type (G. lucidum), due to the potential of its over 400 bioactive compounds, is known also as “the mushroom of immortality”

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