Halal fragrance products now available

With certification by Halal Quality Control (HQC), Düllberg Konzentra now ensures that selected products comply with Islamic purity laws and halal guidelines.

For devout Muslims, observing halal rules (halal = permissible, allowed) is a religious duty, and one that goes far beyond only food regulations. In recent years, the importance of halal certification has increased around the world. For cosmetics or cosmetic ingredients, foods and additives such as flavours, colourings or stabilisers, for meat, medical products or industrial raw materials, it is usually advantageous to have halal certification, and it is required for export to Islamic countries.

Düllberg Konzentra is now in a position to have all relevant products halal-certified. This certification by HQC is internationally recognised in all Islamic countries (including Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates). It enables the fragrance house to export halal-certified perfume oils to more than 53 Islamic countries.

Thomas Mädler, sales director DK: “With our fragrance business we have been very active in the Middle East for a long time now; we have our own subsidiary there and recently opened our own R&D centre in Indonesia. In order to become even closer to Indonesia, its Islamic neighbours and the entire Islamic world, and be able to address potential customers by offering the products they require, the halal certification was an important and logical step. We are pleased that we can now also offer our highquality products without restrictions to the world’s Islamic markets.”

The halal certificate is already available, so the use of the HQC Halal logo is the next logical step. In the future, it will communicate conformity with the Islamic purity laws and halal guidelines on all of Düllberg Konzentra’s halal products.