Novel formulations for the at-home trend

Ashland has launched 'dreamy textures', a collection of four nature-derived formulations with novel textures, as research shows that consumers are seeking to lower stress levels with at-home pampering sessions.

The formulations feature natrosol plus 330 CS and polysurf 67 CS HMHEC, which are nature-derived rheology modifiers that offer efficient thickening, improve emulsion stability, and enable novel, playful textures. New lubrajel oil PF hydrogel (a nature-derived, biodegradable moisturiser that provides lubricity and a light, dimethicone like feel in a preservative free hydrogel) adds sensory enhancement to the collection. The final ingredient is a recent Ashland launch, nightessence biofunctional, which is a natural extract from premium true lavender working to renew and illuminate the skin while you sleep.

Introducing the four dreamy texture formulations:

Beauty sleep gel cream is a delightfully luxurious and fresh, quick vanishing texture; Counting sheep butter-in-gel is an innovative texture with a unique appearance that transforms into a smooth cream and melts on the skin upon application. Resetting lunar mask is a novel cream texture that resets to a smooth surface after each use and leaves a velvety soft skin feel. Dreamy renewing butter a deliciously rich, buttery texture that melts on contact with skin leaving a powdery, velvety finish.

“COVID-19 has definitely impacted consumer beauty behaviours”, said Denise Costrini, global marketing manager, hair and skin care, Ashland. ”Hairstyling and make up usage have declined while consumers largely stay at home, however, pampering beauty product usage has increased.”

Consumers are reducing and managing stress by looking after their beauty needs, particularly in skin care. “Using a face mask hits the top of the home pampering activity list, along with home facials, deep conditioning hair and taking long baths. The novel dreamy textures formulation collection will engage consumers with fun, playful textures that have unique sensations,” Costrini said.

“These four formulations highlight the impact of HMHEC in emulsions,” said Karine Deruddre, global skin care applications manager, Ashland. “Natrosol plus 330 CS and polysurf 67 CS HMHEC dramatically transforms the formulations by improving their stability, increasing their viscosity and delivering completely new rheology experiences with more cushion, elasticity or thixotropy. For example, HMHEC enabled Ashland to transform a fluid emulsion into a buttery cream, avoiding the use of waxes which can impart drag and stability concerns. HMHEC is a powerful asset for the formulator’s toolbox to increase the naturality of a formulation by lowering the use level of the primary rheology modifier as well as enabling easy development of a product range due to its significant viscosity impact.”

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