Creating sustainability in personal care requires positive impact

Climate change and population growth are putting increasing demand on the Earth’s natural resources.

Creating sustainability in personal care requires positive impact

Tackling these challenges requires real change and it is critical for the personal care and beauty industry to work together, collaborating and partnering across the industry to take action. 

For Croda this movement has not just started, as sustainability is embedded in their strategic thinking and a crucial part of how they add value to their customers.

Croda will be hosting their first Digital Sustainability Conference - Sustainability Requires a Positive Impact on September 9 - 10 2020 (9am-4pm GMT+1). This event will bring together specialists, pioneers and professional market references from UL Prospector, Mintel, USDA Biopreferred and others to explore how we can achieve, create and deliver solutions to some of the biggest challenges that the planet is facing and create a world that is more climate, land and people positive. Together, Croda, its speakers and attendees will explore how to implement, execute and accelerate a shared commitment to a more sustainable future.


The event will be segmented into five knowledge zones:

  • Sustainability at the Core: An approach about the Life Cycle analysis and the Sustainable Development Goals, including a panel discussion from industry-leading experts on ‘The Future of Sustainability in Personal Care.’
  • What’s Trending: How are sustainability initiatives influencing ideals and consumer demands? A closer look at trending topics, from ‘Clean Beauty’ to Waterless formulations with a look to the future through the Mintel perspectives and investigations.
  • Navigating Certifications and Regulations: Explore with the industry experts how to navigate in the current regulatory landscape, and how certifications may enhance consumer appeal and offer novel opportunities for innovation within more sustainable ways.
  • Formulating Sustainably: Croda’s formulation experts will guide the participants through strategies such as minimising INCI lists, optimising product performance, and ‘clean’ sunscreens. In the interactive zones, exclusive video content will be available from our formulators around the world.
  • Sourcing and Supply Chain: Being sustainable throughout the whole supply chain is essential to make a truly positive impact. Ingredient transparency, ethical sourcing and a roundtable panel discussion from thought leaders across the Personal Care and Palm Oil industries will be the core of this knowledge zone.

All content will be delivered through expert presentations, panel discussions, and videos. Virtual networking rooms will also be available for idea exchange and making connections. Register Today