Citrus-derived anti-ageing ingredient to be launched

Nagase Personal Care has announced the upcoming launch on 31 March of Glucosyl Naringin, an anti-ageing cosmetic ingredient that promotes the production of elastin, an extracellular matrix protein involved in the maintenance of skin elasticity and the formation of elastin fibre.

Naringin is a citrus-derived flavonoid. Although it has long been highly regarded for its wide-ranging characteristics, application in cosmetics has been a challenge due to its low water solubility.

Hayashibara, Nagase Group developed Glucosyl Naringin by combining glucose with naringin using enzyme technology, which significantly improved water solubility and made application for a wide range of purposes as a new plant-derived functional cosmetic ingredient possible.

It was discovered that Glucosyl Naringin promotes the production of elastin and the formation of elastin fibre which something not seen in other raw materials.

Elastin is a protein that plays an important role in maintaining skin elasticity by forming a fibrous structure in the dermis to support collagen fibres.

However, elastin decreases with age leading to insufficient fibre formation. This lower skin elasticity is believed to cause sagging, wrinkles, and lack of firmness in the skin. Therefore, it is expected that Glucosyl Naringin will be effective in reducing wrinkles and skin sagging.

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