New natural skin care active

Clariant Active Ingredients launches Prenylium - the first product unveiled thanks to its new partnership with French biotechnology company, Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT).

Rich in rare prenylated flavonoids content, Prenylium is a unique Morus alba tree root extract, highly efficient at protecting the skin matrisome from degradation that occurs with time and UV exposure. It also helps prevent signs of ageing by visibly reducing the appearance of existing wrinkles and smoothing skin. 

Prenylium is produced by PAT’s patented Plant Milking Technology, which explores generally inaccessible plant parts - the roots - without killing the tree and allows for the production of rare compounds at an industrial scale. The highly sustainable, 100% traceable and ecofriendly process focuses on an innovative aeroponic, soilless system that stimulates roots to produce targeted molecules in higher quantities than those found in their natural environment.

Prenylium’s exceptional concentration of prenylated flavonoids - more than 2,000% higher than the content found in traditional Morus alba, white mulberry, root extracts – gives stronger power and performance. 

Strong results were seen at the clinical level. Quick and noticeable results were recorded in terms of reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, improvement in skin smoothness and plumping effect.