Plant cells from Egyptian blue lily for an anti-wrinkle effect

Naolys, the French company specialized in plant cell culture presents active plant cells with anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle effects from Egyptian blue lily (Nymphaea caerulea), an aquatic plant famous in Ancient Egypt, growing in the calm waters of the Nile: Inside Heart Egyptian blue lily.

Because every type of skin component is hit by degradation, Naolys designed an active ingredient focused to limit glycation (a molecular modification of proteins when in contact with glucose) and oxidation of two origins, at two levels of skin. In vitro tests show a significant inhibitive activity of glycation at the fibroblasts level by 19%, and a significant decrease of physiological lipid peroxidation by 10%, of lipid peroxidation induced by UVB by 16% at the keratinocytes level (decrease of malondialdehyde rate).

Clinical results show a general decrease of wrinkles, a decrease of the total surface of wrinkles by 20%, of the number of wrinkles by 17%, and of length of wrinkles by 23%, after 28 days of treatment. Tests were performed with a concentration of 0.5% of a dispersion made of 20% whole plant cells in 80% vegetable glycerin. 

Inside Heart Egyptian blue lily is an active ingredient that exists in 4 different forms to fit any type of galenic and can be used in any formulation from skin care to makeup applications. It does not contain any preservatives. COSMOS, ECOCERT or NATRUE approvals available on request for all liquid forms of the product.