MultiMoist CLR: mapping the moisturisation puzzle

CLR Berlin introduces a new cosmetic active at in-cosmetics global 2018 in Amsterdam: MultiMoist CLR.

A lack of vitamin D is a global major health problem. Vitamin D plays a vital role for those processes in the skin, enabling it to bind water. MultiMoist CLR activates production of the vitamin D receptor (VDR) and promotes the VDR’s activation. MultiMoist CLR also potentiates the effect of vitamin D.

By making use of 5 different objective instrumental approaches, the immediate and long term moisturizing properties of MultiMoist CLR were convincingly proven. Additionally, the activity of MultiMoist CLR was proven in a consumer study, where the subjective improvement of skin moisture content, skin smoothness and the look of skin were confirmed.

With MultiMoist CLR the puzzle of skin moisturisation is completed. MultiMoist CLR provides the cosmetic scientist with a full proof and objective solution for developing moisturising skin care products. The convincing in vivo results underline MultiMoist CLR’s strength, both for immediate and long term moisturisation.

For more information, please visit CLR at stand G40.