Ginger active cells for a skin restructuration

At SCS Formulate, Naolys, the French company specialised in plant cell culture, launched a new product made with ginger active plant cells that will help to refine skin structure at the level of pores and will improve skin complexion: Refine Ginger.

The clinical study shows an improvement of around 50% in skin structure (pores reduction), a reduction of sebum of 19% after 28 days, and, a matifying effect of 15% after 6 hours (reduction of shininess). Refine Ginger are whole plant cells that enhance skin structure thanks to different actions proven by in vitro test results: by increasing the synthesis of elastin and fibres and by decreasing sebum rate ; and by reinforcing hydration and anti-oxidation, they contribute to skin’s general balance.

All tests were performed with a concentration of 0.5% of 20% cells dispersed in 80% vegetable glycerin. Refine Ginger is not allergenic, preservative free, and can be used in any formulation from skincare to make-up applications.

Ecocert or COSMOS agreement on request.