Distribution partnership for Europe and Russia

Barentz International and Innospec have signed a long-term distribution agreement to market ingredients for Personal & Home Care. The agreement encompasses, among others, the business in Russia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Benelux.

Innospec is well-known in the personal care  industry for a wide range of skin care, hair care and home care ingredients, including a range of easy-to-use, mild surfactants and performance blends that offer sought after dense luxurious foams and the specialty silicone range from Chemsil Silicones, which became available to Innospec following an acquisition.  “We have seen how Barentz has grown its market share in the personal and home care industries and are impressed with the technical know-how of the sales teams around Europe. We are very excited to continue our collaboration, now formally, in the Polish, Romanian, Czech and Benelux markets. We are mutually committed to provide excellent products and services to our customers and that is an excellent base for our partnership," said Jonathan Treen, commercial director of Performance Chemicals for EMEA at Innospec.
Barentz is a globally recognised distributor in the industry and with strong ingredients know-how-and success in business development.
 “The teams and ingredients of Innospec are not new to us. We look forward to continue working with Innospec  in these selected markets in Europe and to grow the business with them on a more integrated,  international scale. The various Innospec ingredients will benefit our growing and loyal customer base in their product development. We look forward to guiding our customers through the ingredients of Innospec and look forward to seeing more of their ingredients in consumer end products,” said Torsten Pieschnick, VP of the Personal & Home Care division at Barentz International