Immediate skin mattifying

Along with shininess, imperfections are a main concern faced by people with oily/combination skin. Acne scars, blackheads and enlarged pores can lead to an uneven and unattractive appearance that usually requires the application of makeup.

 In response to this market need, BB creams – combining multiple benefits in one product – were developed, first in Asia and quickly expanded throughout the world. 

Following this trend, Lipotec has presented a new study based on the application of a BB cream containing 2% Matmarine blue ingredient. Caucasian female volunteers with combination skin used the active cream on one side of the face, and the placebo on the other. Measurements of gloss of the skin were taken throughout the day. At the initial time of the study, immediately after the application, a 28.3% gloss reduction was observed, and 2 and 8 hours later, a prolonged effect of 25.2% and 14.9% respectively. 

Such great immediate results along with the all-day-long-effectiveness complete the good performance of Matmarine blue ingredient, previously demonstrated on Caucasian and Asian skin where an improvement of skin appearance was observed decreasing visible pores and shininess after just 14 days. 


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