Cell defence regenerator

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Mibelle Biochemistry is introducing a biologically active hepta-peptide that stimulates the skin’s own self-defence mechanisms against oxidative stress at the cellular level.

Our cells respond to oxidative stress by activating the transcription factor Nrf2. This is a master switch in the cellular self-protection system that leads to an increased synthesis of cell protecting enzymes in order to fight oxidants, free radicals and toxins. However, this system is unable to cope with excess stress factors.

Normally Nrf2 activity is repressed by the Keap1 protein. Nrf2 only becomes activated when the cells are faced with too much oxidative stress. In response to this, Mibelle Biochemistry has designed a hepta-peptide that is a competitive inhibitor of the Keap1 repression. Consequently, Nrf2 is now constantly present in its active form and arms the skin cells for challenges from any stress caused by oxidants or other reactive chemical species. 

In cell culture assays, PerfectionPeptide P7 clearly stimulated the expression of detoxifying enzymes. In ex vivo experiments and clinical trials the peptide has shown an ability to significantly protect the skin from oxidative stress at the cellular level.

PerfectionPeptide P7 significantly reduces DNA damage, UV-induced formation of sunburn cells, and depletion of Langerhans. The ingredient also provides a unique strategy to fight both environmental and chronological ageing. To ensure stability and bioavailability, the peptide has been encapsulated into a novel soft sphere carrier system that is based on shea butter.