Ester has spreadability

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Lonza has recently launched a new Lonzest DC Emollient Ester that offers excellent spreadability on the skin and skin conditioning properties that will benefit personal care formulators.

Representing the latest multi-functional ingredient from Lonza, Lonzest DC (dicaprylyl carbonate) is a light ester emollient that conditions skin with superior solubility of UV sun filters. It has excellent pigment-wetting properties and is a silicone-free alternative. The product helps give a light, dry, powdery feel to the skin so that the skin does not feel oily or greasy despite the application of a sunscreen or face lotion. Lonzest DC can be used in sunscreens, colour cosmetics, daily facial lotions, overnight serums and non-greasy aesthetic formulations.

“Lonzest DC emollient ester is a broadly functional ingredient in formulation. One of the major benefits is its ability to provide pigment wetting for colour cosmetics,” said Lisa Bouldin, head of Lonza Personal Care. “Study results also confirmed it is capable of helping to solubilise many different organic UV filters, as well as to improve the dispersion of inorganic UV filters.”

Lonza has incorporated the Lonzest DC technology into two available formulations for cosmetic and personal care formulators: HydraTherapy Sleep Time Mask and Polyaldo Base Formulations.

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