Self-emulsifying waxes

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At the SEPAWA Congress in Germany, KahlWax will be presenting the company’s self-emulsifying waxes which open up great new options for the cosmetics industry.

The advantage of self-emulsifying waxes lies in the combination of a wax blend with a PEG-free emulsifier, meaning they can be simply added to the water phase and heated to approximately 80˚C for gentle melting.

The KahlWax portfolio includes two self- emulsifying waxes. Firstly, Kahlwax 5109 is based on sunflower and carnauba wax. Sunflower wax is a pale yellow wax with a transparent melt. It has a melting point of 78˚C, yields a balanced hardness and has an excellent oil-binding capacity. Carnauba wax is a very hard wax which forms a glossy surface. It also has an excellent oil-binding capacity and it improves the thermal stability of sticks thanks to its high melting point (82-86˚C). KahlWax 5109 with its PEG-free emulsifier boosts the sensory properties of formulations and stabilises oil/water emulsions.

Kahlwax 5115 combines the benefits of rice bran wax and myrica wax and is specifically optimised for use in oil/water emulsions. Myrica wax is a fruit peel wax from Latin America.

It has a low melting point (40-50˚C) combined with exceptional hardness. Rice bran wax is a hull wax produced as a by-product during the preparation of rice bran oil. It has a high melting point (78-82˚C) and due its crystallinity forms soft, matt oleogels.

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