Colour protection preserves volume

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Dow Corning has introduced an innovative silicone microemulsion that helps bring hair repair and colour protection benefits to shampoos without sacrificing hair volume.

The new product reflects the growing demand from consumers for products that can help address one of their biggest hair care issues – how to repair damaged hair. Shampoo manufacturers are launching lightweight, volumising shampoos that cater to consumer desires for youthful, fuller hair. However, only a fraction of these products claim to repair damaged hair.

“In the past, shampoo formulators often felt that they had to compromise hair volume to achieve the benefits of repair and protection,” said Feifei Lin, Americas marketing manager for Dow Corning’s hair care market. “We designed the new Dow Corning CE-1874 Microemulsion so that they no longer have to compromise. Now they can create shampoos that deliver more of the benefits consumers want.”

Dow Corning CE-1874 Microemulsion is a clear, water-dispersible microemulsion of silicone polyether that delivers feather-light smoothness. It can be used in standard, sulphate-free and clear shampoos to help increase the fullness of thin, tired-looking hair; to repair dull, dry hair; and to protect and maintain the colour of colour-treated hair. Suitable for use on many hair types, the product also has the ability to enhance hair shine and improve ease of combing.

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