Innovative plant cell complex launched

At in-cosmetics 2013, Naolys (booth M134), the French company specialised in plant cell culture, will launch an innovative plant cell complex Power Extension [HSB+R] made of a native cell of Hibiscus Syriacus ‘Blue bird’, containing not only its own active molecules but also a natural rutin molecule to get a greater activity.

As the first natural plant cell complex dedicated to mature skins, Power Extension [HSB+R] boots the metabolism during cell ageing thanks to a control of the proteasome activity, especially in senescent keratinocytes, and by increasing the release of CO2 by 43%. As a result, it provides a global anti-ageing effect clinically proven by a decrease of the surface of wrinkles by 27% in 28 days. All tests were performed with the powder form at a concentration of 0.1%.

Power Extension [HSB+R] is non-allergenic, preservative free, and can be used in any formulation from skin care to makeup applications.