New cold emulsion technology

Jeen International (stand R37) is launching at in-cosmetics Europe this year their patented, breakthrough Jeesperse ICE-T instant cold emulsion technology.

Building on the popular Jeesperse Cold Process Wax products, the Jeesperse ICE-T series includes optimised powders that, when introduced into water at room temperature, rapidly form stable emulsions typically eliminating the use of traditional emulsifiers and allowing the addition of waxes into the system without heating. The resulting formulations provide exceptional aesthetics, formulator flexibility and related benefits to creams, lotions and hair care products.
The sustainable, green focus of Jeesperse ICE-T has been recognised by the US EPA as one of the first technologies to be expedited through their Green Initiatives patent process. This continues the advanced, green technology tradition at Jeen International. Jeesperse ICE-T allows formulators to choose instant cold process emulsions to improve their carbon footprint as well as streamline their manufacturing processes.