Multifunctional and skin care launches

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ProSynergen DF, Lonza Personal Care’s newest ingredient, addresses the concerns of compromised skin. This powerful active results from the fermentation of two microbes grown simultaneously, creating a competitive environment for survival.

Healthy skin has intact barrier properties allowing it to recover and repair damaged cells through an on-going regenerative process. Intrinsic and environmental factors contribute to damaging the epidermis, diminishing its ability to protect itself or hold on to moisture. Since skin is the body’s first line of defence against any physical or chemical assault, strengthening barrier function is the primary means to improve compromised skin. By protecting the barrier, ProSynergen DF improves the look of compromised skin and reduces the appearance of signs of premature ageing. Lonza Personal Care is also launching a new natural ingredient, Natrulon GPS 341, which offers multiple functions in formulations. This unique cosmetic ingredient can be added as a natural fragrance in order to enhance the aroma of a formulation. In addition to this benefit, there is a secondary effect where the natural ingredients in this blend impart an excellent broad spectrum anti-microbial effect in the cosmetic product which is not seen independently by any of the ingredients. Natrulon GPS 341 is a unique product which meets the multiple needs of formulators by acting as a multifunctional cosmetic ingredient at normal concentration levels.