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4 formulations for Kokyu Alcohol Kogyo Co Ltd

Silicone-Free Hair Smoothing And Repair Treatment

Kokyu Alcohol Kogyo Co Ltd
This silicone-free hair treatment is dedicated to smoothing and repairing damaged hair. The natural castor oil-derived ester RISOCAST MIS melts easily and reduces damages due to hair frictions.

Deep Moisture Night Cream

Kokyu Alcohol Kogyo Co Ltd
Dedicated to all skin types including dry, sensitive or mature skins, this luxurious emulsion provides the skin with intense moisture feeling and comfort, easily. A cost-saving option for sophisticated effects.

Lipgloss Pure Red

Kokyu Alcohol Kogyo Co Ltd
Pure liquid shine and very comfortable film thanks to the combination of esters and polymers.


Kokyu Alcohol Kogyo Co Ltd
New texture for a comfort, smoothness and hold that last for hours...Natural shine and real color!