ADEKA Europe GmbH

Berliner Allee 22

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ADEKA has been focused on the European Personal Care market for more than 20 years.
We are specialized in manufacturing Raw Material for the cosmetic and hygiene industry.
Our team of cosmetic chemical experts is committed to maximize customers’ benefits, gained from the products we offer. Our objective is to make a better world by manufacturing creative solutions through the application of specialty ingredients and materials. Our innovations thereby contribute to a sustainable future. We support our customers by targeting their needs through our solutions and by creating new business opportunities or reinforcing existing customer relationships. ADEKA has a dedicated Research & Development team equipped with the latest technology and modern facilities for testing and evaluating additives’ performances, which help to provide innovative solutions to the market.

Our Products:

  • Natural Preservative Boosters
  • Preservative Boosters
  • Natural emulsifiers
  • Natural Thickeners
  • Thickeners
  • Prebiotic Bio-fermented fruit extracts
  • Anti-Aging
  • Moisturizers
  • Oil & water soluble film formers
  • Defoaming surfactants
  • Skin-care
  • Hair-care
  • Make-up
  • Sun-care