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At the end of 2012, the logical decision was made to combine the functionings of both KCC Silicones and Basildon Chemicals in the personal care sector under on brand and banner; and so KCC Beauty was born. This brand encompasses the hair care expertise of Basildon Chemicals with the skin care knowledge and manufacturing might of KCC Silicones.

KCC Beauty brings together under one brand an exciting range of raw materials for personal care based on the combined strengths of both organisations. With personal care manufacturing and technical service centres in Korea and the UK, and a new plant in China; KCC Beauty is well positioned to meet the increasing needs of our customers for innovative technology and formulation support.


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Dimethicone fluids and gum blends

A comprehensive range of tantalising sensory focused silicone emollients

and conditioners for a wide range of applications



Silicone and multi-functional emulsions

High-tech, easy to use hair care emulsions capable of delivering a broad spectrum of beautifying effects to meet the needs of the most advanced hair care formulations





Silicone elastomer gel blends and emulsions

Silky silicone elastomers designed to present luxury to cosmetic formulations where sensory excellence is required



Clear gel film-forming silicones

Specialist skin active protecting systems for creating clear gels that can deliver actives and offer strong wash off resistance for colour cosmetics



Powders and pigment treatment

A light range of silicone powders and treatments to improve feel, compatibility

or water resistance



Soft solid and liquid silicone waxes

A versatile range of soft silicone waxes that offer the gentle care that sun, skin and lip care products need, without greasy after effects



Water soluble polymers and emulsifiers

Gentle, water soluble polymers and emulsifiers for the creation of elegant emulsions or

fantastically rich, luxurious bathing products  


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