Unlocking the potential of plant-derived peptides

Vytrus Biotech has developed a 100% natural active ingredient derived from natural Centella peptides. This Centella asiatica product offers a range of benefits, including firming, anti-sagging, anti-wrinkles, reversion of cellular senescence, and the protection of telomeres


Vytrus internal utilizes expertise in plant regeneration processes to further exploit the potential of totipotent plant cell cultures potential. Small signaling peptides (plant oligopeptides) have been identified to have wound healing properties a growth factor effect. These peptides exhibit high homology with animal growth factors and participate in similar physiological cell processes. It has been shown that they produce a remarkable growth factor effect on senescent human dermal fibroblasts, thereby offering significant potential for the rejuvenation of human skin through a growth factor-like mechanism. Preliminary test results indicate that these specific peptide fractions have the capacity to reverse the senescence phenotype of senescent fibroblasts, significantly inhibiting the senescence of cells and promoting cell proliferation with high efficiency. These outcomes could provide opportunities for both cosmetic (anti-ageing) and dermatological (skin regeneration, wound healing) applications in which a natural plant peptide is utilized.

In the current market landscape, a significant industry revolves around oligopeptides, extensively used in both cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. However, these peptides typically originate from human sources, and their production methods often involve substantial costs or genetic modification.1,2

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