Kumar Organic Products inaugurates cell biology lab in Bangalore

Kumar Organic Products has inaugurated a cell biology lab at the Indian personal care ingredient maker’s research centre in Bangalore.

The company says the new facility marks a significant stride in advancing the investigation, development, and efficacy testing of bioferments, speciality ingredients and formulations dedicated to crafting safer, more effective skin and hair care products.

By leveraging human skin cell cultures and models for various assays, the lab ensures the elimination of animal testing.

These assays encompass a wide range of tests, including irritation potential, skin regeneration, melanogenic effects, anti-inflammatory benefits, UV protection, keratinocyte proliferation, collagen synthesis, hyaluronic acid production, and more.

The lab also conducts cytotoxicity and genotoxicity tests and is equipped with cutting-edge technology for skin biology research aimed at developing cosmetic substantiation tests and investigative models.

By delving into cell-based assays, the lab aims to illuminate the safety and efficacy of cosmetics formulations, offering invaluable insights that pave the way for safer, more effective products.

The lab's reliance on human skin cell cultures for a myriad of tests including irritation, regeneration, anti-inflammatory properties, and more, signifies a shift towards ethical and impactful research practices.

“Kumar Organic Products is proud to steer away from animal studies, adopting more ethical and reliable methodologies to ascertain the effects of substances and their dosage response,” it said.

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