INTERVIEW: Dr Fred Zülli, Managing Director, Mibelle Biochemistry

We discuss the incredible advances in the world of natural actives with the founder of Swiss ingredient company, Mibelle Biochemistry.

Natural active ingredients have been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology developments in the personal care industry over the past ten years. We have seen companies harness the power of naturally-forming chemical compounds to not only deliver highly effective skin care actives, but also bring with them compelling marketing stories.

The ”green” movement in personal care has transformed the sourcing of ingredients and put a strong emphasis on natural INCIs, and more recently, on the sustainability profiles of these products. This has led in some areas to a move away from traditional harvesting methods, which can be destructive to delicate ecosystems, to new biotech methods that can produce naturallyderived ingredients without needing to repeatedly remove biological matter from its source. This has numerous benefits for ingredient suppliers, brands, and consumers.

We are now seeing a coming together of the utilisation of natural plant sources and a cutting-edge scientific approach to skin activity, delivering a whole new world of opportunities for brands operating in the skin care sector. Added to this is a greater understanding of how the skin ages at a cellular level and the impact of pollution on the ageing process and overall skin health, creating more consumer desire for natural actives that offer solutions.

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