Poppy seed ingredient adds moisturisation properties

Oat Cosmetics introduced a new ingredient, Virgin Poppy Seed Oil at in-cosmetics Asia.

Grown locally in Hampshire, in the UK, the seeds of our premium White Poppy (Papaver somniferum) are virgin cold pressed in a gentle and sustainable process to produce a light and delicate oil packed full with natural nutrients from the plant.

Well known by the consumer for its health benefits such as high vitamin E, fatty acid and mineral content, Virgin Poppy Seed Oil, has a wide range of cosmetic benefits. Containing 10% skin active sterols and rich in linoleic acid stabilised by naturally occurring vitamin E, this oil is an excellent cosmetic ingredient for both hair and skin care.

It is a natural emollient, softening and conditioning the hair while locking in moisture, hydrating and improving hair health and providing a non-greasy shine. On the skin, Virgin Poppy Seed Oil helps to restore the natural barrier and reduces trans epidermal water loss.

Oat Cosmetics are excited to confirm their hair conditioning claims are proven by an independent blind conditioner study carried out in the UK. Results were conclusive and in every area measured, the addition of Virgin Poppy Seed Oil to a hair conditioner, improved the user’s perception of the conditioner. The biggest areas of improvement were perceived in the wet comb conditioning of the hair, the feel of the hair when wet and the dry comb conditioning. 

Angus Robertson, business development manager for Oat Cosmetics said: “The global market love natural oils with great provenance but consumers also want functionality. Our cold pressed, Virgin Poppy Seed oil, has a rich profile of essential fatty acids which provide
moisturisation and TEWL reducing benefits, making it a perfect oil for the formulators ingredient pallette.”


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