A 100% natural, high performing hair fixative polymer

Natural product claims in personal care launches are growing, with consumers continuing to be interested in green issues and aspiring to live healthier lifestyles.

 The one ingredient category that has so far struggled to deliver a fully natural product that also performs as well as unsustainable petrochemicals is hair fixative polymers.  Revolymer is launching RevCare NE 100S, a 100% naturally derived film-forming polymer with a range of performance properties that are equivalent or superior to traditional synthetic polymers.

The INCI name for RevCare NE 100S is Sodium Polyitaconate.  Itaconic acid is produced industrially by the fermentation of carbohydrates with the fungus Aspergillis terreus.  RevCare NE 100S is manufactured by Revoymer’s patented technology and uses a highly efficient green process with low overall impact on the environment.  This offers formulators not only a natural and sustainable choice to synthetic polymers, but also one with a cost-performance benefit.
RevCare NE 100S has outstanding hold under high humidity, outperforming water-soluble fixatives such as PVP/VA copolymer and giving equivalent performance compared to acrylate copolymers under the same conditions.  Existing styling polymers that deliver good hold often do so at the expense of the aesthetic properties of the hair, leaving it feeling stiff and brittle to the touch.  Hair styled with RevCare NE 100S is moveable and more natural, with soft and non-crispy curls that have a touchable hold. The polymer is also a highly effective anti-frizz agent when compared to other commonly used styling agents, ensuring that curls are more manageable and well defined whatever the humidity.

RevCare NE 100S is readily soluble in water making it ideal for use in a wide range of hair care formats including sprays, mousses and gels.  The combined style hold and tactile properties of Reevolymer’s RevCare NE 100S now gives formulators a real option to offer consumers natural styling products that do not make any concessions on performance.

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