New surfactant launched

Croda launched Cithrol 10GTIS, an advanced surfactant for oil-based facial cleansing, during in-cosmetics 2015 in Barcelona.

We continue to see the influence of Eastern inspired formats and rituals in personal care and one of the strongest areas of inspiration is the multi-step skin care routines popular in Japan and Korea where cleansing plays a key role. Microemulsions and oil cleansers are a new generation of cleansing products, delivering excellent performance and meeting the trend in using oils in skin care.

A highly effective and mild surfactant, Cithrol 10GTIS allows the formulation of advanced facial cleansers, comprised of oil and water in a crystal clear microemulsion, maintaining the perfect hydro-lipophilic balance required for this type of high performance system. Cithrol 10GTIS can also be used to create gentle and effective surfactant oil cleansers, cleansing oils that emulsify on contact with water so they can be easily rinsed from the skin. These systems are very efficient at removing long wear and water proof make-up, the make-up and dirt are readily dispersed into the oil, then water is applied to the skin and instantly emulsifies. The system is then easily rinsed leaving the skin feeling clean, renewed and soft to the touch.

Cithrol 10GTIS is an ideal surfactant for creating microemulsion and facial cleansing oils. It is very mild, provides effective emulsification on contact with water, ideal for these systems and is stable with a wide variety of cosmetic oils.